Friendship Garden Nursery School

 In 1979, Firuse Stalcup opened The Little Red Schoolhouse child care in a little cottage at 460 Locustfield Road in East Falmouth, MA. By 1982 she had expanded by adding two Cape Cod style buildings side by side onto the original cottage creating the building that houses Friendship Garden today.

In 1986 Robin Hewitt Jones was looking for a teaching position and fell in love with the large unique outside environment of the child care and school located at 460 Locustfield Road. Nine years later in 1995 Robin was fortunate enough to purchase the Little Red Schoolhouse property allowing the opening of Friendship Garden Nursery School.

Following Mrs. Stalcup’s vision Friendship Garden has continued to provide a unique outdoor learning environment for young children with chickens, rabbits, gardens and a large natural wooded playground on a one acre facility. Friendship Garden provides a rich, lively productive learning environment for early education experiences. In 2014 toddlers were added to our child care and we added infants in late 2015. 

Robin and her husband Victor Temple are currently living in Fairbanks, AK and Friendship Garden is being managed Katherine Kuusela.

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