Friendship Garden Nursery School


Typical Preschool Day

After a morning greeting and welcome into the classroom, your child might choose to wave goodbye to you at our waving window or jump right into to the many activities offered at Friendship Garden Nursery School.

Our typical day begins with your child having the opportunity to engage in a play area of his/her choice. There are several inviting centers for your child to choose either individual or group play which include: books/puzzles, small manipulatives, writing , math/science activities, play dough, media table, construction (blocks, legos, mobilo, k’nex etc.), a themed dramatic play center and a reading nook. Activities at this time are self directed with advance preparation by the educator in setting this environment.

At circle time, your child’s educator introduces the class to a variety of fun music and movement, songs, poems, finger plays and seasonal themes. Preschool concepts such as letter sound recognition, color, shape, number, weather (etc.) are woven into the curriculum. Additionally, children are expected to sit for a short period of time to participate in an engaging story time.


A group snack is served after circle time. Before eating your child will wash his/her hands. Table manners will be encouraged, and all children will help to set the table and clean up after snack. A variety of foods will be served based on family offerings.

A typical day will include a project time when your child will have an opportunity for creative expression, scientific discovery and other hands on activities for exploration. Offerings will include: gluing, painting, drawing with various media, cutting, cooking, and unexpected events of the day that capture the group’s interest.

Your child and his/her friends have a daily outside play period year ‘round (weather permitting). The children may choose to ride a trike, throw a ball, swing, climb, run, dig, collect, explore, watch the chickens, hang out with the bunnies and enjoy the nature on our vast natural wooded playground.

For children that stay for lunch, eating follows outside play time. The children sit together and enjoy a social period of eating and companionship. Some children leave after lunch while others cuddle up for a rest period followed by another session of outdoor play and then the return home after a splendid day!

Typical Toddler Day

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Typical Infant Day

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